My Journey

Prior to having my daughter in 2015, I never had any regular or consistent physical activity. It was irregular at best. During my pregnancy, I watched my body change in such a significant way, and afterwards, I certainly didn’t “bounce back”. Something else changed too - my mindset. I had a deep fire to create positive change & get STRONG.


After starting a 90-day program, I started to realize my mindset had shifted away from “arriving at my dream body” and towards enjoying the journey of getting a daily sweat, releasing those powerful endorphins and lifting my mood. My body looked different every day and I started to embrace that because it became less and less about what I looked like and more and more about how I FELT.


Throughout this time, I had kept my yoga practice and decided I wanted to explore the 200 hr RYT training to deepen my own practice.


What I didn’t realize was how much teaching was calling me. I began to teach in studios regularly, and started to attract my tribe - regular smiling faces in my classes brought me so much joy because I felt that they “got it”. They understood where I was coming from and that it’s less about desiring a perfect body, and more about embracing how positive this lifestyle can impact your whole life. 

We  do  it  for  the  endorphins


When the Covid 19 Pandemic hit - our studios closed abruptly & I was devastated. I realized how much the connection with our students meant to me & I was sad to not be able to do something I loved - teach yoga & fitness. Almost immediately, I had encouraging regulars ask if I would host some classes online. While this change in teaching was slightly nerve-wracking, I couldn’t resist.  From there, I embraced that this time of pause had created time and space for me to return to my own regular workouts I had abandoned due to my teaching schedule. I was so happy to return to the style of workouts that helped me get fit, happy & sweaty!! I decided to further design my program to show others that you can get fit from home & an opportunity to sustainably incorporate fitness into their lifestyle, while making change effectively & efficiently.

What members say...

I would say I was active and health(ish) before I had my son 18months ago. Ever since having him I just haven’t been able to find that consistent active lifestyle that I once had. I enjoy working out and showing up for myself. I believe everyone should spend 30-60 min a day on themselves, whatever that may look like is up to the individual.

I saw a few friends doing her workouts on Instagram and was interested. It wasn’t until my mother in law inspired me to get on the train. I started doing a couple of her workouts and was easily hooked. Taylar’s energy is something I’ve never found in a workout before. She keeps me consistent and responsible for my own health and fitness strictly by her energy and vibe. I love that her workouts are between 30-45 min. It makes it realistic for me to complete while having a toddler running around. Taylar is highly qualified for training workout classes in which you can tell in her form and pace. She reminds you to always watch your form and to breathe. My favourite is when she says SMILE— it feels so good!! I have been with her for about a month and a half now and can truly see a difference. Every class is SO sweaty and hard but so motivational!! I highly highly suggest her for your workout/wellness journey. She’s amazing and you won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Kaylee, Maple Ridge