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"Since the photo on the left I have lost a total of 48 lbs. During the pandemic with gym closures I couldn’t find time to work out that was accommodating for me and my workouts at home weren’t giving me fulfillment.

I followed a few women who did @namastaysweatyclub workouts and I was intrigued, I did the 7 day free trial and now I have signed up for 1yr. I have been a clubbie since July 2021. I am grateful for Taylar and the motivation she brings to each class! I love doing the challenges because it holds me accountable. Truly the best program and it’s minimal equipment and you will always end the class feeling amazing and grateful you showed up!”



“So amazing and liberating to see the growth and change. Without diet or restrictions like I’ve done my whole life. Changing the mindset of why I workout. And Taylar helped me see that 😘”



“I’m a newer member to the club. I have watched Taylar’s positive energy on Instagram for quite some time. I’ve always had fitness here and there in my life but never like how it is now. Today I’m not doing it to just look a certain way I’m doing it for how it makes me feel. After having three babies and feeling like I’ve lost a little bit of myself I’m finally feeling whole. Starting with Taylar I have not only been able to find motivation but confidence. Not just confidence in myself but confidence in knowing where Health and fitness stands in my life. Taylar has helps me show up for myself like I haven’t ever in the past. I feel peace and balance. I have so much gratitude for Taylar, the wonderful program and community she has created. I look forward to no end goal just creating the life I want. MY LIFE.”


Training for life & prioritizing health💛👏🏼💦


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"Postpartum body image has been so hard for me. Body imagine in general has always been a struggle for me. I started Taylar’s workouts 4 months postpartum with my first babe in 2020. Had another baby & have been doing her workouts since 4 weeks Postpartum. To say she’s helped me is an understatement. These workouts have literally helped me find myself again. Mentally and physically. Taylar has been so supportive and encouraging through it all. It’s crazy to think these photos are almost 9 months apart! I’ve grown so much in these last few years. Learning to make time for myself to better myself. It doesn’t happen over night. We all want it to but it takes time. It takes hard work & I’m dang proud of myself for getting where I am today. I’ve gained an amazing friend along the way too. Thank you Taylar. You are truly amazing. I’m so thankful for you & all the amazing clubbies I’ve met through my journey. So much love for you all xo."


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“I grew up a gymnast and was always commended for having a strong body. As I matured, everyone around me made me feel insecure that I wasn’t thin or lean - I was thicker and muscular. This carried on into my adulthood. So I bought every program, tried every diet and lived 99% of my life doing cardio or not working out at all and hated every second of it. After making the change to work with the namastay program, my body image couldn’t be better, I have a healthy relationship with exercise and get excited about leg day… which is something I always dreaded. Hard to believe it’s already been 9 weeks. 5 days a week. 30 minutes a day. I wake up at 5:30am and do something for myself and accomplish something before the sun rises. And that’s pretty amazing



"When we went into round 1 of lockdown back in March, I need to tell you - I flailed & I flailed hard. I almost immediately started to notice old habits and thought patterns creep back in. I started withholding calories because I wasn’t able to go to the gym or walk up and down the stairs at the office 10 times a day. It was not a very happy or healthy scene going on in my head that is for damn sure.

But then something small but pivotal happened. I reconnected with an old friend from a past life (aka high school) and she started a little club for at home workouts. So I jumped on the bandwagon with no forward thinking in mind other than “I can’t get fat in quarantine, I can’t get fat in quarantine” and I entered into the world of @namastaysweatyclub

Fast forward 9 months and on day 1 of our city’s second lockdown. Once again, I am a crying puddle on my living room floor but this time, for a completely different reason. Today I weighed myself and I might be the heaviest I have ever been, but you know what? I didn’t want to starve myself after. I didn’t immediately try to feel my hip bones, or go run 10km. I actually looked at my body and felt proud of it, maybe for the first time in my entire life.
So my point is, other than a serious appreciation post for my girl @namastaywithtay is that we are fucking capable; we are resilient; and WE CAN DO HARD THINGS.”



“I tried a live workout with Taylar almost 1 year ago and I was hooked! There’s something about her energy that’s contagious and pushes you to keep going. I have days when I don’t feel like doing the workout, but then I see all the clubbies posting their ‘sweaty selfies’ and I wanna feel that glow too! However, she’s also there to remind you to ‘honour your body’ and that it’s okay to modify on the days your mind/body isn’t at its strongest. The variety of workouts is so much more than any other program I have tried. She gives it all with cardio, strength training, yoga, and low impact workouts in one program.
I can honestly say, there’s no end game - I’m a clubbie for life!“



"Growing up I never really ‘fit in’ … some of my earliest memories are of being bullied for my size, and wishing to god and praying at night that I would look like the other girls, and why didn’t I? What was wrong with me?

Fast forward to a plethora of eating disorders and body dysmorphia episodes later, and here I am. I have been active my whole life but never was able to seriously commit to anything for more than three months, except for the Namastaywithtay program. Her focus on consistency and mind to muscle engagement has really rung a bell with me, also her constant reminder that getting fit does not happen in a day, a week, or a month (at least not for me). Now, my mind is shifting (don’t get me wrong I have painful down moments still, and the work is still so very hard), but I realize I am choosing this path for my health and well-being, with some great physical side effects.

I am SO HAPPY I found Taylar, she is not only hilarious and beautiful, but she has become a great friend over the year and a half I’ve been with her, and I look forward do my daily sweat with her everyday!



"Just want to thank you for your program. However, they are a year apart and before I started with you I was only doing yoga and walking but in March I started with you and the challenge. I can see a difference but most importantly feel the difference. Loving it so much and I never miss a day"


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“Taylar's energy and motivation is so incredibly inspiring to me. She encourages us to give our all and doesn’t want anyone to give in “just cause”.  I first joined the Namastay Sweaty Club at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and was instantly hooked! Her workouts are so versatile, energetic and leave you feeling amazing with a killer endorphin high! Not only did we reconnect through our love of fitness/yoga, but I gained a great friend and mentor who I truly look up too. Without Taylar and the club, I have no idea where I’d be in my fitness journey during this pandemic. I’m so grateful I didn’t experience a serious depression and believe this was due to me getting a great sweat on everyday. I cannot thank Taylars club enough for all it has done for me mentally and physically. The progress pics don’t lie, that’s for sure! I’m excited for the future of the club and will continue to sweat everyday with the clubbies! If you’re looking for a new workout regime that actually works, uses minimal equipment, takes only 30 minutes a day and leaves you feeling like your highest self, this is the place for you!



“This club is so much more than just fitness.. I can’t fully express how it has helped me turn my life around. Last year I fell into a scary cycle of horrible eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and I was riddled with anxiety and depression. I was taking all sorts of medication to get my body to feel “normal” and it just wasn’t working. I decided in January to be more proactive about my health and joined the club for a trial week. I was hooked immediately. Not only did I start noticing changes in my physical appearance and energy level, but I was actually LOVING this new part of my day (something I’ve never felt about a workout program before). I quickly stopped relying on pills, my mood improved, and my self-talk became 100x kinder. One of my favourite things about this club is that Taylar is incredibly hands-on. She leads us through the workouts in real time, is extremely responsive to questions (or sometimes just to chat!) and is a wealth of knowledge. The club has become a non-negotiable part of my daily routine now, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Honestly, it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. Tay has herself a lifer here!”



“It’s crazy to me that I have been working out with the Club for 2 years now! When I first started out, exercise became an escape from everything around me. A release. But i noticed that It truly gave me energy & joy when I was at a very low low and over time it became a habit! Now that habit is an everyday part of my life. ❤️ I’ve always been a small girl & it’s been a struggle for me to maintain any muscle. Taylar and the club has taught me to EAT my protein and lift the heavy freaking weights!! I am so thankful and excited about my progress and how much exercising for just 30 minutes a day has completely shifted my mental and physical health.“



“I am so grateful to have found Namastay Sweaty club! Taylar has forever changed the way I view and respect my body, my daily movement, and motivates me to push myself in ways I never ever would have done without her inspiration. I have always been a gym girl but I can honestly say spending my morning working out with Taylar has changed my life in so many ways. I feel so empowered and grateful to get to wake up and move my body every day. Working out from home with 4 kids is some thing I used to dread but now I look forward to getting my ass kicked on my mat with Namastay Sweaty Club everyday. 30 minutes of putting in the hard work for me and only me. Being part of a group of women I had never met until recently (can we do another sweaty social like tomorrow? ) who put themselves first for 30 minutes a day and share their vulnerable sweaty workout selfie‘s and their hard work is so incredibly motivating, and pushes me to do my best and leave it all on the mat. Thank you Taylar for your wise words, daily motivation, and pushing me out of my comfort zone I am so so grateful.”



"Taylar helped me realize that self care isn’t selfish - it’s necessary to be a better person for other people. When I started with her work outs in November I did not like working out from home - but my yoga studio was in lockdown and I really enjoyed her classes in studio.

Taylar changed my mind about working out at home as well! These 30 min workouts are perfect for staying consistent, this little time for me each day has allowed me to not only have physical changes, but become a better business woman and mother because my mental health is in such a stronger place than it was. Thank you!!!”



"When I started my journey with the namastay sweaty club I was in the thick of my postpartum journey. I knew I needed something convenient that worked with my lifestyle being a busy momma of two. I needed this not only for my physical health but my mental health as well.
I was skeptical at first as I’ve always been a “gym girl”, I gave it a try and it became my favourite 30 minutes of the day, I never sweat like that at the gym.

It was hard at first but I pushed through and fell in love. I fell in love with myself again, the way I felt after, and I fell in love with the community she created.
Everything about her program is incredible. Tay has given me strength in so many ways and I’m so grateful for her.

Cheers to almost one year with you and the sweaty club xx



“I never hated my body or the way I looked, I always wished I was stronger. Between kids, sports schedule, and work, I always felt there was never enough time for me. Last March life stopped and all of a sudden I had time. I am thankful my SIL who told me about Taylar’s page and workouts. I tried a workout and then another and between Taylar and another person on IG I was working out 5 days a week. Taylar made her club and instead of jumping in I made an excuse ...It costs money we can’t afford it. In my mind I knew I have never stuck to a program so spending money on something I would just give up on didn’t make sense to me. I worked out with the other person on IG but the restrictions were lifted and she went back to her gym. Then it was all up to me, I took 4 weeks off. I went to my husband saying the best I felt was doing Taylar’s workouts - can we spend the money & without hesitation he said absolutely! I signed up in August and haven’t missed a workout since! I show up for myself.⁣⁣
Taylar and her program are amazing!!! She is supportive, gives the best tips, shows up for this club day in and day out, answers any questions almost immediately and her program works. I am the first to admit I curse her almost daily but with a smile on my face. This is the only program I have ever stuck to in my life, it’s a true lifestyle and it makes me a better person. Strongest woman shout out to Taylar who absolutely kills every workout. I will never forget the class she said “push-ups are getting hard for me being pregnant so we do more.” That energy and strength is what keeps me going. No excuse, no magic pill, only hard work and dedication to myself that makes me stronger. I am damn proud of how strong I have gotten over these past 7 months... down 30 pounds is just a bonus!!!”



“5 months doing the program and never felt stronger and more fit in my life!! I was a religious doer of 5 days a week Oxygen yoga member for 5 years and never got these results!! Love the club!”


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“I am blown away this morning! I took some progress shots (after a year of not taking any ) good god lol. What a transformation, I am a totally different woman than I was a year ago and I just wanted to say thanks for helping me on this journey and keeping me accountable. I feel more strong mentally physically and more confident than ever before !”

Anna Maria

anna maria.jpg

"I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with a program this long that wasn’t related to soccer lol.

Her classes are great, her energy amazing and I didn’t feel bad at my lowered level of fitness.
She made this tremendous dedication to keep inspiring others to workout from home just by following her own routine.

And she ended up creating this beautiful community, it’s welcoming encouraging and damn right amazing how strong we really are. And every clubbie is so inspiring! Her workouts are hard don’t get me wrong, you work for the whole time. She knows exactly when to say the right thing and push you to keep going, she’s right there in it with you. It’s a love hate relationship with burpees and calf raises for me. Classes are doable from anywhere anytime, on your schedule! No trying to sign up for a few spots at a specific time, you can workout where you’re comfortable, home or outside or the gym. DO What works for you! I’m not saying it’s an overnight miracle. It’s a slow burn that ignites this passion in your soul to keep going and be the best version of you.

It’s 30 mins 5times a week and you do get stronger every time you show up! trust me it works!! Take the progress photos! Ditch the scale! Try on clothes you’ll notice a difference and feel better overall! The endorphins are great for your mental health as well as physical! You need to seriously check her out, she’s got a 7day trial, but you’ll fall in love and keep wanting to come back! It’ll be one of the best decisions you make to honour yourself"


What the Clubbies say...



Our Namastay Sweaty Club community is empowering, inspiring & supportive. We believe fitness is a journey, not a destination - but we celebrate the progress & transformation along the way! I feel so grateful that I get to connect with so many people who see the mind, body & soul benefits of getting a sweat on!

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