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Namastay Sweaty Club is a weekly fitness program designed to sustainably incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. When I got my regular sweat on (yes with 2 rests days per week!) I found myself to be stronger, happier, a better me, partner & Mom! 


This program is designed to help you get strong & honour your body by offering a manageable workout schedule that creates change. The amazing by-product of a regular sweat is releasing those happy-boosting endorphins! Membership options below grant access to our @NamastaySweatyClub instagram where I host LIVE workouts & a vast library of each class type for you to do anytime that works for you!

For best results, The Weekly Program  should be followed as directed - 3 Strength days + 2 Cardio per week.

Minimal equipment required- dumbbells, resistance band & yoga mat



The Club also offers:

Booty Burner - because it's everyone's favourite!

Moon Stretch Yoga to help rehab & stretch the body.

Flow into Balance Vinyasa style yoga 

This program is designed for ALL bodies & ALL levels - there are modifications offered for most exercises. No matter what your fitness goals are - you can guarantee a good sweat- from home! 


Leg Day Love

30 mins

Strength training focused on building lean muscle, toning your quads, hamstrings & glutes - giving your lower body the love it deserves.

Cardio HIIT

30 mins

Bring everything you got! Shorts bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short rests, designed to keep the heart rate pumping, calories burning & moving the body to improve aerobic & anaerobic endurance. 

Arm & Core Sculpt

30 mins

Upper body strength training focused on carving out lean muscle in all areas of the arms, upper back & special attention to the torso & complete core.

Booty Burn

30 mins

Strength Focused, muscle targetted glute class- designed to grow, shape & burn my favourite body part. 

Full Body Flex

30 mins

Strength training paired with light cardio & plyometrics designed to burn body fat, build lean muscle - targetting all muscle groups, giving your body a final once over to celebrate the end of the week.

Moon Stretch

 60 mins

A functional deep stretch class, encouraging the lengthening of the muscles, increasing flexibility & surrendering to the soft power of the feminine energy.

Membership Options

  • A Sweaty Month

    Perfect way to try the program to see if its the right fit
    Valid for one month
    • 7 classes available per week for 1 month ($2.67 per class)
    • Access to @namastaysweatyclub instagram account
  • 3 Month Transform

    Every month
    Start your Transformation
    Valid for 3 months
    • $65 per month, $2.32 per class
    • Access to @namastaysweatyclub instagram account
  • 3Month Club Referral

    Every month
    To be confirmed with Taylar via DM before purchase
    Valid for 3 months
    • $15 Club Savings!
    • For Referring Members Only
  • 6 Month Transform

    Every month
    Lifestyle Transformation
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to the @namastaysweatyclub instagram account
  • Transform Your Life

    Every month
    Annual Membership
    Valid for 12 months
    • accces to the @namastaysweatyclub instagram account

New to the club? Try a 7-day free trial by contacting me here.