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5 Mistakes You're Making That's Disrupting Your Progress

I remember when I started my fitness journey expecting to have transformed my body in 90 days & feeling disappointed when that didn't happen. The truth is that making change is HARD but there are certainly things we can do to either help or hinder your progress. What I did learn in those first 90 days was that consistent exercise boosted my energy and confidence, as well as improved my sleep and mindset, enough to continue on because I started to love the regular endorphin high & accomplishment that came with showing up. I began to fall in love with journey of fitness & before I knew it, my body did transform. This realization of change was profound. We CAN make change in our bodies.

If you're on your journey & working towards transformation - make sure you're not hindering your progress by making the 5 mistakes below.

As an online fitness trainer who has worked with thousands of women optimizing their body compositions, avoid these common mistakes I see regularly👇🏼

⚠️Lacking consistency: it doesn’t have to be extreme, it needs to be consistent. Change takes time. Binge exercising your HIIT program isn’t going to speed up your results. I often see women who think they need to do MORE but over-exercising then quitting can become a vicious cycle that often ends in frustration & burnout. More doesn't neccesarily equate to better.

⚠️Skipping meals/not eating enough protein: Not a single female client I've worked with has been eating adequate protein. It’s a macro nutrient that supports muscle growth, energy & helps keep us full longer which supports blood sugar stabilization & reduces sugar cravings. It’s also next to impossible to over consume it. Shoot for 100grams per day (generally) but don’t be shy to increase to 1 gram per lb of body weight! Also, you NEED fuel — stop skipping meals; it sends your blood sugar into a tail spin, messes with your hormones and your energy levels. If this is an area you struggle with, check out my Nutrition Guide 'Stay Optimized - it teaches you how to eat to build your optimal body composition without counting calories or tracking macros. It also offers 4 weeks of a sample meal plan to get you started. You can save $10 with code 10save.

⚠️Not lifting heavy enough weight/challenging progressively: Your body is really good at adapting. Don’t be surprised if you need to go up in weight regularly or challenge yourself with variations of exercises you’re doing. There is always a way to challenge yourself, I like to say “push to your edge” - that’s where we find the most growth & progress. Don't be afraid to pick up 15lb - 25lb weights (as long as you can keep proper form & muscle engagement) - your muscles need to be challenged in order to change.

⚠️Not getting enough recovery/good quality sleep: Progress requires rest (read it again & again until it sticks). Prioritizing good quality sleep & rest days (this is where the balance of not over exercising also comes in) is BENEFICIAL to your physical progress because it allows for good tissue recovery & muscle growth. The body needs to be pushed, but it also needs adequate recovery to flourish.

⚠️Monitor your self-talk: You cannot shame yourself into change, you can only love yourself into evolution. You get what you’re looking for. If there is a voice saying you’re too weak, too old, too big, too broken - etc - you’re providing a compelling argument to your body — even the most deeply held beliefs can be changed through repetition & direct physical experiences because new sensations replace old memories. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought about your body/ability - catch it & reframe it, "I can't do it YET"/"I am doing it to the best of ability TODAY".

Having a structure fitness program can be highly supportive if you're looking to make physical change. Random workouts = random results. A weekly fitness program like Namastay Sweaty Club offers a blend of strength training + cardio to optimize body composition all at home in 30 min classes.

If you're looking for deeper support on your journey, please reach out to discuss options for 1:1 coaching. If this is helpful, please like & share💛


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