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A Mindful New Years Practice

Since 2019, I have ended the year in reflection. The deep rumination on how the year had gone, in all ways led me to start a mindfulness practice to set intentions for the New Year to come. I had found myself manifesting my desires & considering how I wanted to feel in the upcoming annual cycle which resulted in me choosing a word or phrase of focus to represent my intentions. I have found the practice so profound in keeping me present & grounded in all that has & may come up.

In 2019, I chose the word "Power" to represent 2020 - which happened to be the year I (accidentally) started my online fitness club, Namastay Sweaty Club. It was also the year of Covid hitting & many of us, including myself feeling power-less in many ways. The irony was not lost on me. For 2021, I chose "Growth". I witnessed my family grow as we welcomed a new daughter, my business grew & my capacity for gratitude flourished. I started to really resonate & notice the practice throughout the year & found it kept me focused & even in difficult moments, calling me to dig deeper within. After all that 2023 had to offer; "intentional presence" taken a bit too literally as I was faced with an unexpected pregnancy, subsequent loss & health scare - I did notice how it all happened for me & called me to be present with all of the emotions that came up. More present with my kids, more present with my husband, motr present with myself.

For 2024, I have chosen the word, "Savour". To me, one of my greatest challenges has been to consciously slow down & soak up the present as it unfolds before me. And so, I wish to savour it all in 2024.

As I have shared this beloved practice with my community, many have asked, "How do you come up with a word?" & so I thought I would share with you some suggestions for you if this practice is calling you as well.

  • Reflect on your values: Consider what matters most to you in various aspects of life, such as personal growth, relationships, health, career, etc.

  • Assess the current year: Review the previous year and identify areas where you felt fulfilled, challenged, or areas you aim to improve.

  • Visualize your dream state: Choose intentions that resonate deeply with you (perhaps considering how you want to feel), focusing on positive changes or growth rather than restrictions or removals.

  • Be specific yet flexible: Frame your intentions in a way that is specific enough to guide your actions but remains adaptable to the beauty of life's mysteries.

  • Consider balance and your well-being: Aim for intentions that promote balance in different aspects of life, fostering overall well-being and happiness.

  • Practice self-compassion: Everyting happens for us, embrace imperfections and setbacks, allowing room for growth and adjustment in pursuing your intentions.

But it's important to know, you'll never choose the wrong word. Let your intuition guide you & perhaps, let the word choose you. If this is a new or forgotten practice to you, I invite you to try it. It can be very powerful to minfdully choose an intention that aligns with your aspirations or perhaps just sets the tone for the New Year in a purposeful way. I also encourage you to keep the word close & recall it monthly for reflection.


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