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Holistic Cold Remedies That Work

Welcome to our family's go-to holistic cold remedies! While there's no magic cure for the common cold, our household has embraced a collection of holistic remedies that have become our secret weapons in battling sniffles, congestion, sore throat and pesky cold symptoms. From age-old remedies passed down through generations to modern holistic practices, we've compiled a trusted protocol of natural, comforting, and effective treatments that help us nip colds in the bud & avoid a trip to the doctor or potential anti-biotics.

We have all heard that anti-biotics aren't good for our gut health, but I listened to the Rich Roll Podcast with MD Kyle Gillet & he mentioned a shocking statistic. He notes that the immune system is like a military, it practices drills against the microbiome so if the gut is dysregulated after a round of anti-biotics, we can expect to see a 3-4x increase in allergies, eczema, asthma as well as inflammatory disease like Crone's & Colitis. I was floored to learn this. All the more reason to really catch the first sign of colds & flus popping up & do our best to avoid antibiotics when we can.

I shared these remedies on my Instagram recently & it was requested that I share in a permanent spot on my blog so here we are. See the list below for my family's holistic approach to fighting off colds and reclaiming wellness, one natural remedy at a time - I hope they help you as much as they help us! I have linked the products via the YesWellness website which is my favourite local, online wellness shop (affiliate links that directly support me.)

First - I do supplement daily, especially in the winter for both my kids & I liquid Vitamin d3 to support our immune systems (I swear by the one I linked - it's SO important to get at least 3-5000 IU for adults and 1-2,000IU for kids) & try to keep sugar low (which isn't always possible around the holidays). Important to note - keep all of these on hand in your medicine cabinet - you never know when a virus will strike!

Overall cold symptoms:

Oil of oregano with manuka honey - Be mindful of dosing for children as it is extremely powerful - what I find works best is 1 tsp manuka honey with two drops of oil of oregano - morning & night, until symptoms resolve. It is "spicy" so make sure to offer water or a snack after they take it. My kids know it is medicine in our house, and thankfully they tolerate it (begrudgingly some days)

Kid's Echinacea - love these tablets - take 1 at onset & 2 if symptoms are acute. I give these as long as they are symptomatic, even upon improvement.

Adult Echinacea - really effective & pregnancy safe.

Allimax - Adult & Pregnancy safe

Stodal cough & cold - Homeopathic remedy - I give it to my kids 3x per day while symptomatic.

Rest & extra sleep - rest is the best medicine.

Thyme tea - Fresh thyme is a great antiviral - stick a bunch into a large mug, steep with hot water + half a lemon & knob of peeled ginger & sip.

Sore Throats:

Gargling with warm salt water - I use Redmond salt - couple times a day.

Bee propolis spray - I always have this one hand - I use this for both myself & kids - 4 sprays 4x per day.


Flu: I use for both my kids, Andrew & I - Boiron Oscillococcinum - reduces the duration of flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headaches, fever and chills. KEEP THIS ON HAND.


While it may come surprising to most that I don't offer tylonel or advil at first signs of a fever. Fever is a good sign that the body is fighting off a virus. I try to keep them comfortable & hydrated & monitor. Skin to skin is great for helping regulate temperature as well as peppermint essential oil down the spine. Tepid baths with a fruit smoothie or fruit popsicle can also help keep their spirits up.

I also try to keep the kids hydrated by offering electrolytes like LMNT if they want them and are lagging on their water. Lots of fruit & bone broth helps keep them hydrated as well.

Stay well!!

(*Please keep in mind this is not medical advice - simply Mom advice).

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Dec 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love these tips. We already do a number of these things but I see some new products I can add to my medicine cabinet. Thanks so much for sharing!

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