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Strawberry Season

I have the best memories as a child running barefoot through my grandpa's garden, amongst many of his other fruits & veggies - strawberries were definitely a favourite!

These little berries are not only super tasty but have a lot of great health benefits as well:

- High in Vitamin C - which helps make collagen & maintain skin health

- Rich in Antioxidants - which help to fight off free radical damage which contributes to cell mutation (cancer, etc)

- Anti inflammatory - helps to lower your body's inflammatory response, linked to blood pressure & cholesterol.

- Fibre in strawberries supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria which boosts immunity & mood!!

So many options with these beautiful berries but recently we made Strawberry "milk"shakes for Saturday movie night & they were a hit!

Strawberry & Cream Milkshake

Serves 2-3

🍌1.5 Frozen Bananas

🍓1.5 cups Fresh Strawberries

🥥1 can Coconut Milk (regular fat)

☀️1 tsps Vanilla Extract

☀️1 tbsp Maple Syrup

Add all to a blender & go!




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