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Vitamin C - The Most Important Molecule in Your Body.

"Vitamin C is the primary way in which you arm and strengthen your immune system" - Thomas Levy, MD

Recently I listened to Thomas Levy on The Genius Life Podcast & was dumbfounded that Vitamin C hasn't been in my routine vitamin lineup (IT IS NOW!!) He describes Vitamin C as, "the most important molecule in your body" in the pursuit to achieve & maintain optimal health.

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is essential for our immune systems to help white blood cells (the cells that fight infection) function more effectively while protecting them from damage by potentially harmful molecules, like free radicals. Also helps absorb iron if you're trying to boost your levels like me!

Why is it important? Humans lost the ability to make Vitamin C in the liver (animals still do) - we do need supplementation, he suggests 2-3000mg up to 10,000mg depending on if you're well or fighting a cold! It can be hard on the tummy so I am starting with 1000mg per day (in a vitamin) and will start to increase from there.

Vitamin C is abundant in a healthy diet - strawberries and kiwi actually have more vitamin C per serving than grapefruit, but oranges are far above all three with 70 mg per serving. Believe it or not - the highest Vitamin C per serving comes from one of my personal favourites: Red Pepper!!

Organika (local, woo woo!) kindly sent me some of their Superfood C+ powder, serving size is the equivalent to 2 oranges; a nice way to boost throughout the day with out OD'ing on the pill form. Great to add to shakes or stir into water!


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