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Hey, I'm Taylar!

Welcome! Thank you for being here!

If you're new here, let me fill you in on a little bit about me...

You can usually find me with a smile on - because life's better that way, I believe, though I'm usually going a million miles a minute - am absolutely impatient & can't stand waiting in lines. I have always been on the hunt for the perfect sweater, which naturally I haven't found, so I own many. I love sunrises & sunsets - greeting & farewelling the day makes me happy. In the last two years I have found a passion for growing herbs & tending to my place is starting to look like a jungle and I am perfectly ok with that. I am a mother to a beautiful & bright daughter who is just the apple of my eye & truly has made me a better person.

I am a certified Yoga & Fitness Instructor & founder of Namastay Sweaty Club, a fitness program designed to create positive change for ALL bodies in a high energy, efficient & manageable format - from home!

I also have my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & am passionate about my career in the Natural Foods industry. I have been exploring healthy & plant based cooking for years building an experience-based knowledge on ingredients & labels - calling BS on “healthy” claims & focusing on nourishment through whole & real foods.

Early in my career, I landed a “dream” job of working for a large cosmetics company and I began a passionate interest in ingredients in beauty & personal care products. I started reading & researching ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and realized that many ingredients that are deemed “safe” do in fact negatively impact our bodies. I’ve also since learned that it’s not enough to believe in a “clean beauty” label because many brands greenwash and still may use harmful ingredients. So needless to say, ingredient label reading is a minor obsession.

Prior to having my daughter, the impact of choices results in some pretty alarming health troubles for me, where I had to learn to advocate for my own health & that I know my body better than anyone. It caused me to seek alternative methods, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Accupuncture & more to get to the root of the issues. Now, as a Mother - I am especially conscious & passionate of all the things we put in our mouths and on our bodies, because I know they truly matter.

I have been sharing my wellness journey & learnings on my Instagram & will continue to do so here.

You are welcome to join me on this journey of wellness discovery!

- Taylar

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This is soooo amazing!!! ❤️ I’m sooo proud of you!! This blog was beautiful to read! I’m pumped for this! 😁

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