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If I was a winery...

I spoke on my story recently about BCorp and it's importance: this certification is one we should be aware of because of its high standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability to balance profit and purpose.

What we spend our money on matters because it impacts and supports many things after you’ve paid. We vote every time we spend money.

I prefer to buy organic - not just because I believe it is truly better for me to consume AND tastes better (I think organic deserves it's own post in the future) but also what it supports in the world around me: ethical and sustainable farming practices and less impact on our environment.

I am very passionate about both of these things when it comes to food - but what about your wine?

Summerhill Pyramid Winery has been a favourite of mine - not only because the wine is absolutely delicious but it’s also local (Kelowna), organic and they practice Biodynamic farming - a method of organic farming that treats farms as an individual organism - holistically balancing the harmonious relationship between soul, plants and animals without external inputs. Nothing is wasted. SO AMAZING!

I recently visited the winery again and wanted to learn more - and I was absolutely floored by this family owned business who has been DOING IT RIGHT for 33 years. Not only do they run a beautiful winery & bistro, they also help other wineries transition into organic growers.

I have to say, speaking to Ezra Cipes, Summerhill’s CEO - I was humbled and impressed by how thoughtful and conscious they are about every decision made at the winery.

They grow their own herbs and vegetables for their bistro, using the food scraps to compost and fertilize their garden, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Originally purchased in 1987 to flee the hustle and bustle of NYC to create something more meaningful and more connected, the family made a big move to the Okanagan.

Stephen, the founder, has a deep interest and fascination with the magic of sacred geometry. A pyramid was build on the property to act as a cellar to age their wine and has proven to be very successful in making the difference in the quality of the wine’s flavour. While visiting, Ezra brought us into the pyramid and it was such a serene and peaceful space. It is grande & spectacular to witness, an exact 1/8th replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza. You can feel the energetic strength it holds. (More on the pyramid and it’s magic on their website - highly encourage you to check it out)

More than a winery and bistro, Summerhill’s vision is to share Universal Truth, Love & Gratitude along with their seven guiding principles - it is clear that they have a strong, solid foundation which has poised them for legacy.

Be conscious with your dollars. Find companies who mirror your own values - business is no longer about soley the bottom line. We have evolved and demanded more responsibility from businesses and we need to continue to do so.

We are all connected and in this together - we must take care of each other, and can do so ethically, responsibly, while making an incredible product and profiting.


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