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Namastay Nourish

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a busy professional, or a health-conscious woman seeking to make positive changes in your nutrition, 'Stay Optimized provides the knowledge, guidance, and support you need to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more balanced you. Elevate your nutrition, optimize your body composition, and embrace a vibrant, empowered lifestyle with 'Stay Optimized.

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Namastay Sweaty Club: a community who create positive change in their body & mind with a regular sweat! It’s not just a club -  it's a lifestyle & you CAN sweat with us!  This weekly fitness program is designed to make change, keep you motivated & get you to sweat with a smile.

5 classes per week ✦  Membership options ✦ Transformation for life

My Journey


Prior to having my first child in 2015, I never had any regular or consistent physical activity in my life. It was irregular, at best. I didn't really have the first idea on how to workout. During my pregnancy, I watched my body change in such a significant way, and afterwards, I certainly didn’t “bounce back”. I didn't have a body I loved enough to bounce back to. Something else changed too - my mindset. I had a deep fire to create positive change & get STRONG.


After starting to workout at home, I started to realize my mindset had shifted away from “arriving at my dream body” and towards enjoying the journey of getting a daily sweat, releasing those powerful endorphins and lifting my mood. My body looked different every day and I started to embrace that because it became less and less about what I looked like and more and more about how I FELT.

I founded Namastay Sweaty Club to help others realize how impactful incorporating consistent movement can be into your life, not only for your physical health but your mental & metabolic health. It was through my fitness journey & my initial desire of wanting more from myself, that I started to seek more in all aspects of my life: health, career, love, relationships. I quite literally ripped up the roots of my life & made some powerful, fundamental changes to transform my entire life in a way that was truer & more aligned.

I am a grateful Wife & Mother of 2, and through navigating some of my own health imbalances - I believe we need to be our own health advocates. Through sharing my own journey, I hope to shed light on how to live a better, healthier & more balanced life. My desire & drive to better myself naturally & holistically is what allows me to share so you can too!

The light within me welcomes, acknowledges & honours the light within you. Namaste! 



My Journey
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