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Align with your wellness

Namaste! Thank you for being here.


I believe to align your wellness, it comes down to 3 things: getting a good regular sweat (with a smile), being mindful of what we put in and on our bodies & turning inwards to consciously feel - the ultimate balance.

I am a grateful mother of a beautiful & bright daughter, and through navigating some of my own health imbalances - I believe we need to be our own health advocates. Through sharing my own journey, I hope to shed light on how to live a better, healthier & more balanced life. My desire & drive to better myself naturally & holistically is what allows me to share so you can too!

The light within me welcomes, acknowledges & honours the light within you.



Namastay Sweaty Club: a club collective of conscious, divine beings who create positive change in their body & mind with a regular sweat! It’s not just a club -  it's a lifestyle & you CAN sweat with us!  This weekly fitness program is designed to make change, keep you motivated & get you to sweat with a smile. 

5 classes per week ✦  3 membership options ✦ transformation for life

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Real, whole-food recipes that taste delicious & nourish your body

A mindful, health-conscious, & plant based collection of recipes that are nutrient-dense & delicious.


A place where you can get inspired to cook something new, try something you haven’t before, and learn how to create big flavour from real ingredients!


#NamastaywithTay Blog