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How to Support Your Fitness Journey

As a fitness trainer who started her own fitness journey 8 years ago this month, I have learned a lot about how to support consistent workouts. It's not as simple as adding in a workout to our daily life - there are other supporting factors that help make it easier to support your body & mind to keep showing up & staying consistent on your journey.

I have always described fitness in my life as the first domino, meaning, the first step that led to all other good things occurring in my life. With that comes other rituals & tools to support your mind & body to accommodate having fitness as part of your lifestyle.

  • Positive Mindset: Cultivate a positive attitude towards fitness. Focus on the benefits of exercise rather than seeing it as a chore. We GET to.

  • Consistent Sleep Patterns: Ensure adequate sleep as it plays a significant role in recovery and energy levels, supporting your ability to exercise consistently. Choosing a reasonable, consistent bedtime allowing you to get at least 7 hours (8-9 hours is ideal) of shut eye will actually really support your recovery & energy levels which you'll need for feeling strong & powerful in your workouts.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Prioritize protein & include adequate carbohydrates & fats at each meal to fuel your workouts and support your fitness goals. If you're not sure where to start with nutrition - check out our Nutrition Guide 'Stay Optimized

  • Hydration: Stay adequately hydrated before, during, and after workouts for optimal performance and recovery. Be mindful that as we sweat regularly, we are losing salts & minerals & those need daily replacement - choose an electrolyte powder with magnesium, potassium + sodium to replenish. This has made a huge difference to my energy & performance.

  • Recovery and Rest Days: Take your rest days (Namastay Sweaty Club has two recommended in the program) to allow your body to recover and prevent burnout or overtraining.

  • Tracking Progress: Set a reminder in your phone for monthly progress photos (you'll look back & be so glad you did). If that doesn't feel healthy for you, alternatively keep a workout tracker (Namastay Sweaty Club provides one monthly) or use fitness apps to track progress. Feeling improvements can boost motivation to stay consistent.

  • Positive Support System: Surround yourself with supportive friends, family or fitness community who encourage your fitness goals and understand the importance of consistency.

These additional factors complement regular exercise and contribute to supporting and maintaining consistency in your fitness journey by supporting your body & mind as they both need extra care when undertaking a lifestyle change. Experiment with these tips to find what works best for you and supports your path toward your fitness goals.

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